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Story of the World, Volume One

We are cycling back to the beginning again, after doing a complete cycle of history using Story of the World. It’s so exciting! When we began, I had just one child who was old enough to engage with history. I now have three of them doing it, with a tagalong. How wonderful! My strategy with… Continue reading Story of the World, Volume One


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Year 5 in 2021 – a classical education plan

This year, we are hoping to extend and challenge Alice beyond the ‘recipe’ that we’ve used in previous years. We are broadening her curriculum in recognition of the fact that she has mastered many early-primary skills and that high school is just two years away. We are increasing her independent work and giving more challenge and complexity.


A book-sy sort of 2020

I read a lot of great books in 2020. Here are some of my favourites, if you, like me, are putting together a wishlist for 2021. Fiction The Complete Fairytales by George Macdonald. Gorgeous. Highly recommend. I particularly enjoyed seeing the spots where Mcdonald’s influence on C.S. Lewis pokes through. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins… Continue reading A book-sy sort of 2020